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Our mission: To dream big, believe in ourselves, and help you do the same!


Emma and Grace's mom (Lani) is an athlete, educator, coach, author, and breast cancer survivor. She wrote the book, A Strong Girls Guide to Being and founded the nonprofit organization, SG United Foundation ("Strong Girls United") in honor of her daughters. She also runs her own business working with teams, athletes, and coaches of all ages on mental skills training for optimizing performance and well-being.

Believe in ME Creations™ developed from Emma and Grace wanting to help with the business and create their own inspirational products.

In 2018 they traveled with their parents across the world to Australia where their parents invested time from their sabbatical learning about Positive Education. It was a life changing and amazing experience!

Upon their return home their mom was diagnosed with breast cancer. This was a life changing and challenging experience. 

They have learned a lot and love to share.

Through the nonprofit (check it out here!!) and Mindful Performance LLC (where there are online courses, webinars, freebies, and more to help coaches, athletes and business people of all kind learn about the power of their mindset), the goal has been to empower others through the power of mindset and social connection/teams.

Believe in ME Creations™ is a store custom made with love and intention from Emma and Grace for ANYONE wanting a little inspirational swag!


We are from and love Maine. The abbreviation for Maine is ME. When we were thinking of an empowerment swag shop, we came up with the idea that we wanted to believe in ourselves and help others do the same. Our logo has the word BELIEVE inside the state of MAINE (ME). :)



Mental Skills Sticker Set

These stickers come as a pack (on a 4"x6" sheet) and are super cute! They are also sold individually (and a little bigger size) in sets of 5. Great for teams or individuals. We suggest putting them on water bottles or computers. They can serve like "cues"and reminders and help with performance.


Be Where Your Feet Are Blank Notebooks

These blank notebooks are great to journal in, write down three good things from every day (a practice that has been shown to increase happiness!), or even keeping track of a to-do list. Writing things down can help take it out of your brain and feel a little less stress! 


Emotion Wheel Magnet

One of the first things we learned in therapy was that we needed to do a better job naming the emotions we were feeling. So, we were introduced to the emotions wheel and the challenge was to get as far outside as possible. We have reworded and made this wheel our own with words we thought were most relatable or easy to understand by kids and adults alike.


Empowerment Mini Sticker Set

These were created by Grace and are just so fun! We love the sloth! We suggest adding them to a water bottle, computer, notebook, or locker.


Downloadable Bookmarks

These were created by Emma and you can just download a PDF, print, cut, and enjoy! Good for classroom teachers or parents. You can even laminate them if you want :)


COMING SOON! Grace's E-Book on Dyslexia

Grace has written an incredible book about dyslexia after doing a "passion project" at school this year learning more about it. We know this will help you learn about it from a kid's perspective and help yourself, your kids, your friends, your classroom, etc.!

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