A Strong Girls' Guide to Being

When school, friends, family, and life become stressful, teens and preteens can forget they’re worthy, beautiful people, capable of achieving whatever they set their mind to. That is why it’s so important for girls to cultivate mindfulness. This guided journal encourages them to practice exercises that promote positive changes, including carrying out random acts of kindness, noticing small moments in their day that bring joy, practicing gratitude, unplugging and unwinding from technology, and so much more. Girls will be inspired throughout with quotes and short biographies of notable women in history who have changed the world. As they write, and follow the simple exercises on positivity, girls will gain a sense of calm, ignite their imagination, and become the best, happiest, and strongest version of themselves.


Lynn Manna

30+ Year NYC Public School Educator and Parent

What an amazing journal for girls to feel inspired, record their thoughts/dreams, and set goals! As a third grade teacher, I see the confidence of girls often start to drop, and having this journal would help keep them motivated and self-assured! Wonderful!


UNSTOPPABLE. -- A Mental Training Guide for Fueling Performance is a guided journal and online curriculum (called the Resource Training Room) that can be used as an individual athlete or be used as a team or class. Each chapter or "huddle" covers one week and includes a topic for mental training and growth. This book captures and explains key research done in the field of positive and sport psychology to help student-athletes get the most out of their mind and their actions. The main topics covered include building skills in leadership, strengths, mindset, vision, gratitude, mindfulness, compassion, and resilience.


Chandra Crawford

Mom, MBA, Olympic Gold Medalist and 3x Olympian, Founder of Fast and Female

This book is exactly what our kids need to learn the most amazing evidence-based mental skills available these days not just for excellence in life, but also for health and happiness. I’m very very impressed by this collection of skills – it’s a perfect gift for any kid (or adult… I love it) for sure!

And editor for...


Resilience and Enhancement in Sport, Exercise, and Training

Sports are full of mistakes, failures, and challenges. Even the best athletes in the world commit costly sports errors, have performance slumps, and experience injuries. It is inevitable. Athletes are, at times, going to fall short. It is important to not only invest time in limiting mistakes but also in learning how to fail better.

This workbook has been created as a supplemental resource for the 6-session RESET program. RESET (
Resilience and Enhancement in Sport, Exercise, & Training). RESET is an evidenced-based program that supports adaptive coping, well-being, and performance. It helps coaches and athletes develop valuable skills that can be applied to manage difficult situations in athletics, academics, and life in general.